Global Mobile Alert
Global Mobile Alert™


V2X Connected Car Location Awareness Technology

Cellular telephone safety system

The Global Mobile Alert (GMA) crash avoidance application is the first of its kind and can be deployed in a Connected smartphone or in-vehicle telematics systems and provides audible alerts when a moving vehicle approaches an intersection while speaking through a Connected Smartphone at a dangerous predetermined speed.

GMA’s next test bed launch is with DSRC technology – instead of a map – to alert drivers to oncoming dangerous intersections.

"Sooner or later car makers will leverage contextual information to mitigate and prevent distracted driving in connection with smartphones use”. This is the solution that Global Mobile Alert offers." says Roger C. Lanctot, associate director for Strategy Analytic. "Global Mobile Alert has the technology to solve this problem”.


A Telematics Cellular Telephone Safety System

The Patents are available for license and can be implemented on in-vehicle telematics and on-board smartphones.


Why Global Mobile Alert™?

For the auto makers to successfully and safely integrate phones, they must make the process simpler while training consumers and dealers in how to connect phones in cars.  Unfortunately, most of the early smartphone integration initiatives focused on applications such as Twitter and Facebook thereby highlighting the dangers of smartphone connections contributing to driver distraction.


Future Devices

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Global Mobile Alert is available in the Android Marketplace.

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