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Global Mobile Alert™ is a new connected mobility solutions application developed by Global Mobile Alert. The alert solutions, invented by Demetrius Thompson, who is also the Founder and CEO for Global Mobile Alert Corporation. The Global Mobile Alert solution uses sensors to warn drivers of everyday hazards.

Stay alert anytime and every time you drive with “The Solution™” by Global Mobile Alert™.

Connected vehicles are here today and the time is now for the Cellular Telephone Safety System technology “The Solution™”.

We provide a mobile solution that interfaces with the vehicle navigation systems that gives an alert to the driver, prior to entering a traffic controlled intersections or roadways.

Honors & Awards
2017-Telematics Award Finalists
Best Aftermarket Telematics Product/Service

2014's Telematics Awards Finalists
-Finalists Best Aftermarket Device or Solutions Award

Telematics Awards 2010
- Finalists Telematics Nominations for 2010 Awards
- Finalists Best Use of Telematics Technology in the Public Sector
- Finalists Industry Newcomer

Telematics Awards 2009
- Finalists Best Portable Telematics Solution
- Finalists Best Aftermarket Device
- Finalists Best Telematics Service & Application for Commercial Vehicles

Telematics 2008
- Finalists Telematics Awards 2008
- Finalists Best Portable Telematics Solution

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The use of mobile devices in cars — specifically smartphones – has skyrocketed during the past 10 years leading to the scourge of distracted driving. According to estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as many as 10 people are dying every day on the streets of the United States due to distracted driving, with the chief culprit being the smartphone.

The urgency of the problem of smartphone integration in cars has only been made worse by in-vehicle connectivity systems pushed by Apple (CarPlay) and Alphabet (Android Auto) further encouraging the use of smartphones in cars – but not always in a safe distraction-free scenario. Wireless carriers as well have been threatened with litigation by safety advocates for failing to do enough to mitigate distracted driving.

It’s clear that something must be done to protect drivers from their own worst instincts when bringing a smartphone into a motor vehicle. Global Mobile Alert (GMA) has an answer. Global Mobile Alert long ago recognized the emergence of this crisis and developed the patented technology intended to not only solve the distracted driving problem but also to facilitate the development of vehicles capable of automated driving. At stake in the development of connected, location-aware safety systems making use of map and wireless connectivity to avoid collisions is a safety system market expected to exceed $100B by 2023 – by which time highly automated (i.e. Level 3 autonomous vehicles based on NHTSA definitions) vehicles will be on the road.

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Demetrius Thompson
President and CEO
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Managing Partner
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